ACTION ALERT — FDA Censoring Free Speech on Facebook

Posted November 5th, 2014
The FDA says that when a company “likes” their customer’s Facebook comments, they are essentially endorsing the customer’s statement. Read more and TAKE ACTION to tell FDA that its attempts to censor consumer free speech and Internet searches is unacceptable, and let the agency know it has once again completely overstepped its bounds.

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5 Myths about Wheat and Whole Grains

Posted November 25, 2014
The ideas that wheat is genetically modified, bred to have more gluten, is addictive and causes inflammation are incorrect, according to the Whole Grains Council.  Read more.

Wheat in Diet: Study on Health Impact of Wheat Challenges Stone Age Myths and Costly Diets, Providing You Go Whole Grain

Posted November 25, 2014
A review of the current evidence on the dietary and health impact of whole grain cereal consumption finds that many of the myths attributed to wheat-free diets are just that – myths, and that whole grains such as wheat are beneficial for the majority of people. Read more.

Abuse of Sleep, Anti-Anxiety Drugs a Growing Issue among Teenagers, Study Shows

Posted November 25, 2014
Statistics on teenagers abusing stimulant drugs to get ahead in school abound, but a new study suggests another rising problem among this age group: the abuse of sleep and anti-anxiety medications. According to the study, published in the journal Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, teens prescribed sleep and anti-anxiety drugs may be up to 12 times more likely to abuse them compared to teens who have never received these prescriptions.  Read more.

Genetically Engineered Crops, Glyphosate and the Deterioration of Health in the United States of America

Posted November 21, 2014
A huge increase in the incidence and prevalence of chronic diseases has been reported in the United States (US) over the last 20 years. Similar increases have been seen globally. The herbicide glyphosate was introduced in 1974 and its use is accelerating with the advent of herbicide-tolerant genetically engineered (GE) crops. Evidence is mounting that glyphosate interferes with many metabolic processes in plants and animals and glyphosate residues have been detected in both. Glyphosate disrupts the endocrine system and the balance of gut bacteria, it damages DNA and is a driver of mutations that lead to cancer.  Read more.


Posted November 21, 2014
Apitherapy, or bee therapy, is the use of products of the common honeybee for therapeutic purposes. (The term comes from the Latin apis, which means “bee.”) Honeybee venom, bee pollen, raw honey, royal jelly, and propolis are the products generally considered to have medicinal effects. These products are said to be effective against a wide range of ailments, from arthritis and chronic pain to multiple sclerosis and cancer, although few scientific studies have as yet proved their benefits.  Read more.

Preventing Kidney Stones May Be As Simple As Changing Your Diet

Posted November 21, 2014
In the 1970s, less than 4 percent of Americans had suffered from kidney stones. By the 1990s, this had increased to more than 5 percent. Today, with rates continuing to rise, kidney stones will impact one in 10 US adults at some point during their lives1 – usually between the ages of 20 and 50.  Read more. 

Granola Bars Aren’t 100% Natural, General Mills Agree

Posted November 21, 2014
Maybe peace will fall over Nature Valley once again. A 2012 lawsuit has been settled between General Mills (GIS), which labeled items with high-fructose corn syrup as “100 percent natural,” and the Center for Science in the Public Interest.  The settlement, announced Tuesday, prevents General Mills from claiming its Nature Valley granola bars, crispy squares and trail mix bars are “100 percent natural” if those products contain highly processed ingredients such as high-fructose corn syrup, high-maltose corn syrup and dextrose monohydrate, according to a statement from the Washington-based consumer advocacy group.  Read more.

10 Grinch Gifts to Avoid this Holiday

Posted November 21, 2014
Looking for ways to find gifts that are healthier and help those who deserve to make a decent wage?  Look here:

Improve Your Skin Health and Avoid Skin Cancer Naturally

Posted November 21, 2014
For millions of people, around the world, perfect skin seems like a distant dream. The American Academy of Dermatology reveals that acne affects 40 – 50 million Americans, at a cost of over $2 billion per year. Every year, in the United States, 5 million people are treated for skin cancer – at a cost of over $8 billion. But, here’s the main point, all of this is preventable!   Read more. 

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