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FDA Adds Heart Attack and Stroke Warning to Some Painkillers

Posted July 29, 2015
The FDA recently announced it would be strengthening its warnings on non-aspirin nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), updating what is already printed on many NSAID labels about the drugs’ increased risk of heart attack or stroke. The updated labels will include language which warns that these serious side effects can occur as early as the first few weeks of using an NSAID; that the risk may increase with longer use of the NSAID; and that the risk appears greater at higher doses.  Read more.

ACTION ALERT — Defying Voters’ Wishes, House Passes the DARK Act

Posted July 29, 2015
This dangerous, biotech-industry-friendly GMO labeling legislation is on its way to the Senate, but the fight is far from over.  Read more and TAKE ACTION to either thank your representative for voting against the DARK Act or voice your disappointment if they voted in favor of it.  Urge those who voted in favor of it to reconsider that support when the bill comes back to the House floor.  Click the “Take Action” button, then fill in your zip code to find out which way your representative voted.

Your Soda Habit Is Aging You Almost 5 Years

Posted July 29, 2015
Looking at DNA samples of 5, 309 participants, the researchers found that drinking soda was related to shorter telomere length in white blood cells.  The researchers estimated that drinking 20 ounces of soda daily made you 4.6 years older.  Read more.

Chamomile Tea Lowers Thyroid Cancer Risk: Study

Posted July 28, 2015
The tiny, daisy-like flowers from the chamomile plant have long been valued for their medicinal properties. Modern research is now discovering that the bio-active compounds in these tiny, sweet-smelling flowers can help to reduce the chances of thyroid cancer.  Read more.