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Worried about Prostate Cancer?

Posted July 22, 2016
Cutting through the thickets of misinformation or incomplete information and getting the right answers is important. Prostate cancer is the leading male cancer, but it is not easy to determine if you actually have cancer buried deep inside this very interior gland. Read more.

Why Placebos Really Work: The Latest Science

Posted July 19, 2016
Scientists are finding a growing number of ways placebos appear to bring about real health benefits in patients. The research could someday lead to increased use of placebos—substances that have no apparent pharmaceutical effect—in treatments for common diseases. Read more.

Stroke Largely Preventable, Global Study Shows

Posted July 18, 2016
Ten risk factors that can be modified are responsible for nine of 10 strokes worldwide, but the ranking of those factors vary regionally, according to a study of 26,000 people worldwide.  The study confirms that hypertension is the most important modifiable risk factor in all regions, and the key target in reducing the burden of stroke globally.  Read more.

Group drops $2,000 on Senate floor to protest GMO bill

Posted July 8, 2016
Members of the Organic Consumers Association threw money from the Senate gallery onto the floor on Wednesday to protest a vote on a bill to block states from issuing mandatory labeling laws for foods that contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs).  The protesters yelled “Monsanto Money” and “Sen. Stabenow, listen to the people, not Monsanto” while $2,000 fell to the floor.  Read more.

Mom & Doctor of Hit TV show Tells How She Changed About Vaccines

Posted July 8, 2016
You might remember my other story about Dr Rachael Ross, star from the hit series “The Doctors” (Del Bigtree used to be the producer until he went on to produce the film “Vaxxed”) See what this former pro vaccine MD PhD (who gave countless vaccines to her patients) wrote below in this touching letter:  Read more.

Airport Millimeter Wave Scanners Alter DNA

Posted July 8, 2016
If you travel in the US you’ve likely passed through a whole-body millimeter wave and/or x-ray scanner. Although the government claims these devices are safe, that the health effects of such devices have been thoroughly investigated, the EU & UK have banned such technologies.  Read more.

CBS: Stem Cells Could Make Root Canals History

Posted July 8, 2016
A new project out of Harvard and the University of Nottingham has created a lot of buzz all over the internet in the last couple of days, and rightly so. It seems that Adam Celiz, a therapeutic biomaterials researcher from University of Nottingham, and his fellow researchers, have developed a new kind of filling made from synthetic biomaterial which stimulates the growth of stem cells in the pulp of the tooth. Just like a regular filling, the biomaterial is injected into the tooth and hardened with UV light.  Read more.